Use of Washington university multimedia content

Our photographers and multimedia producers are active on campus and around the world capturing the work and activities of our faculty, staff, students and alumni.

Multimedia content owned by Washington University is protected by copyright. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

University Marketing & Communications provides a large selection of photos, videos and other multimedia assets to members of the news media and to WashU faculty and staff.

As much as possible, a displayed image or video must credit Washington University, preferably with the name of the photographer or creator, formatted as follows:
Creator Name/Washington University.

News Media

Multimedia content owned by Washington University and displayed on is available for download or embeds by members of news organizations. WashU-owned photos, videos and other assets are provided, royalty-free, for a one-time, non-exclusive use in connection with news stories about WashU, provided that the images are not altered in any way (other than for formatting purposes) and do not imply any approval or endorsement by WashU. Further, use by news media does not permit the redistribution of such imagery for unauthorized, non-news media use.

Media are welcome to embed Washington University videos from but, as a general rule, WashU does not grant permission to alter or edit university footage.

For members of the media seeking stock photography or campus b-roll, please visit our or send an email to  

WashU Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff may use WashU-owned photos, video and other multimedia content for official WashU business. For access to our WashU Image Gallery or to order multimedia content specific to your project, please send an email to

Washington University policy also allows individuals to use photos for personal, non-commercial purposes, such as wall décor in an office or home setting.

Non-News Media and Third Parties

Washington University photos, videos and other multimedia assets may not be used by non-WashU entities without permission from the Executive Director of Multimedia or the Executive Director of Administration & University Relations. Non-WashU entities include contractors or suppliers providing goods or services to the university. To submit a request, send an email to

As a matter of practice, Washington University does not permit direct or indirect institutional endorsements through the use of its images, its name, or third-party images of the University’s buildings and landmarks. Thus, Washington University prohibits the use of imagery (including photos, videos or other visual images) of its buildings and landmarks, such as sculptures, art, or other structures, regardless of the source of the imagery, for commercial purposes in publications, websites, signage, and kiosks that are not related to Washington University and its mission. Washington University Marketing & Communications reserves the right to withhold access to imagery if false representation is suspected or if it has questions or concerns about an intended use.

Examples when permission has been granted include:

  • promotional material developed by non-profit or educational organizations that feature WashU alumni;
  • conferences or summer programs sponsored by non-WashU organizations that are taking place on campus and the entity wishes to promote the building in which activities will occur;
  • publishers who wish to use faculty or staff portraits in publications; and
  • architecture or design contractors who wish to use project imagery in their digital portfolios or for award submissions.

Revised July 2020